Experience stories

Stories shape our lives. We love good stories. They accompany us. Although stories are a central part of our lives, we experience these stories passively. We read and see what has been predetermined. The suspense is formed and the characters are defined. In Activestories the reader becomes an actor. He plays an active role in the story. The story becomes a frame where the player experiences the story.

The core of ActiveStories


Activestories are neither books nor films and also not games. Activestories are part of real live. Once startet, virtual and real people communicate with the actor via email, short messages, letters, by phone or what ever communication channel is useful.

Actors are an active part of the communication within Activestories. With their contribution they drive the story. All stories contain active parts where the actor can research, analyse and deduce. Activestories provide material for analysis both online and offline.

Heart of Activestories is the StoryEngine. The engine knows the status of each story, processes the input from the actors and drives online communication and offline processes. The engine can process natural language and has connectors to several communication platforms.

The Storyengine

German authors wanted

We are seeking interactive story authors. Interactive stories do not differ from conventional stories. You need good characters, an exciting plot and a proper suspense. Once the skeleton is done, the story must be converted into a process with interactive elements. An interactive story is driven by the author and the consumers. Activestories looks for entertainment (B2C) and commercial (B2B) authors. Are you interested in writing interactive stories? Please contact us:


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